I See the Light in Things
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Death does not concern me
I’ve seen it all too often come
It has come for all those I loved
It has come and closed the door
Death does not concern me
For there is nothing I can do
It is the end of all
We all will fall
For what we call our doom
Death does not concern me
For it does not warn it’s here
It takes the one its ready for
And closes another door

Count the blessings not the scars…

Now I think I know you are gone for good. Whatever reason I was holding on can be let go. I have to remind myself every day that there must be someone still to come. I’ve done just fine on my own the last six years since we separated. I’ve got to remain open to whatever is yet to come. What will come? I’ve got to keep going. I can’t wallow in this feeling for long or it may consume me. Every time I feel I’ve moved on I’m reminded that I cannot forget. I can go on. The future holds greater things, brighter days, deeper love. I’ve got to go on.

Young & Beautiful

"Will you still love me when i am no longer young and beautiful…" -Lana del Rey

What if you met me after I grew older and less beautiful? It’s easy to meet someone and fall in love when you’re young and beautiful. But when that love ends after years have passed, it is more difficult to find anyone. This world is for young and beautiful people. I strive to keep my heart open.

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